Rust Protection


Protecting Your Vehicle with Krown Rustproofing

We Help You Protect Your Investment

Once you invest in a vehicle, you surely don’t want rust to corrode the metal surfaces.  Rust leaves unsightly spots on your automobile, undermines structural integrity, and decreases its value.  Let the professional auto detailers at Coulee Auto Detailing Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, protect your vehicle with the Krown Rustproofing process to prevent this from occurring.  We’re located by Black River Beach at 229 Rose St. La Crosse, WI 54603.  We’re here to assist you Mon-Fri: 8AM-5:00PM.  Walk-ins are welcome, or you can schedule an appointment before your visit.  Use our online scheduling feature or telephone us at (608) 498-4020.

Overview of Krown Rustproofing

Every car owner knows that the danger of corrosive damage to their vehicle is a real threat.  While several culprits can contribute to the problem, de-icing agents can be particularly troublesome.  According to the Wisconsin DOT, every county uses liquid brine.  Instead of constantly worrying about the damage that might be taking place, choose Krown Rustproofing.  Rust protection involves applying a petroleum-based substance that keeps your car from rusting or slows the spread of existing corrosion.  Coulee Auto Detailing Center partners with Krown to obtain a high-quality product.  Even better, it’s safe for the environment and can be applied regardless of current weather conditions.  The Krown solution not only coats the easily visible surfaces but also makes its way into less conspicuous areas such as crevices and seams where water can collect.  The rustproofer actually drives out existing pooled water and shields the area from future moisture damage.  If you happen to see a bit of product drip from your auto, you don’t have to worry.  Your car is still indeed protected, and the excess that hits the ground or your driveway won’t cause harm.  Washing with soap and water won’t harm the barrier either.  Krown’s protective value lasts about a year before you will need another application.

Customer Conveniences to Help You

Not only do we provide the protection your vehicle needs with reputable Krown Rustproofing service, but Coulee Auto Detailing Center also offers the customer conveniences that help you get the work done with minimal disruption to your daily life.  Feel free to use our complimentary wifi when you’re at our shop.  If you’re leaving your car with us, options include loaner cars, local shuttle rides, concierge service, and after-hours drop-off/pick-up.  We can tell you when your automobile is ready via text or email.  Be sure to check out our financing plans, too.  You’ll never have to worry about corrosion or convenience when you rely on us for Krown Rustproofing.