Interior Detailing


Cleaner is Better: The Value of Interior Detailing

Your Personal Environment

The passenger cabin of your vehicle is your personal transportation environment.  Traveling is more pleasant when it’s clean, but a clean interior is also better for your health.  Therefore, count on the professional auto detailers at Coulee Auto Detailing Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, for exceptional interior detailing.  You’ll find us easy to reach at 229 Rose St. La Crosse, WI 54603 adjacent to Black River Beach.  Walk-ins are always welcome, or you can make an appointment ahead of time using our online scheduling tool or by calling (608) 498-4020.  We look forward to seeing you Mon-Fri: 8AM-5:00PM.

Benefits of Interior Detailing

While the outside of your vehicle is usually the first thing people see, there are many benefits of getting professional detailing for the inside of your car.  One bonus is getting on top of soils, spills, and other dirt before they turn into permanent stains.  It’s much easier to get out a coffee stain now than to deal with its aftermath months later.  Also, removing grit from the floorboard is important before it grinds permanently into the carpeting.  Worried about allergies?  Getting dust out of your personal space, including vents and crevices, can prevent or end watery eyes, a dripping nose, and an aggravating cough.  Spilled food can also feed bacteria.  In either case, the smell can become foul if contaminants are not addressed.  Finding and remedying damp areas is also crucial to heading off mold and/or mildew growth, a problem that can be hard to eliminate once it takes hold.  Finally, keeping the inside of your car clean and pleasant helps retain its value.  This is particularly important if you’re thinking about trading or selling.

No Easier Way to Clean your Vehicle

Why spend hours making a less than an effective attempt at thoroughly cleaning the inside of your automobile?  Professional interior detailing couldn’t be easier when you give Coulee Auto Detailing Center the privilege of assisting you with auto detailing.  Your passenger cabin will look and smell great.  What’s more, you have multiple customer conveniences to choose from, so select the option(s) that make your experience smoother and less impactful on your daily routine.  No time to wait?  Leave your car with us.  In addition to regular business hours, you can opt for concierge service or after-hours drop-off/pick-up.  We’ll inform you when your vehicle is ready via text or email.   Prefer to wait here?  You’re welcome to do that.  We have free wifi so you can stay on top of work or watch your favorite entertainment.  Either way, your automobile will leave fresh, clean, and almost factory new.