Detailing and Rust Protection


Clean and Protected: The True Value of Auto Detailing

More Than Just a Great Look

Almost every driver knows that professional auto detailing can make your vehicle look great.  But did you also know that this set of related services actually helps protect your automobile and enables it to better hold its value?  That’s true because today’s auto detailing entails much more than the traditional backyard car wash.  To learn more about the full range of auto detailing and body protection services, visit Coulee Auto Detailing Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  You’ll find us conveniently located at 229 Rose St. La Crosse, WI 54603 by Black River Beach.  Walk-ins are welcome Mon-Fri: 8AM-5:00PM.  You can also make an appointment ahead of time using our online scheduling feature or by calling us at (608) 498-4020.

Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM
Closed Weekends

Services and Advantages

As professional auto detailers, Coulee Auto Detailing Center can provide you with many services.  Yes, we can indeed clean your vehicle inside and out.  However, options include much more than a wash and vacuum.  One possibility, for instance, is paint correction.  This allows us to care for those unsightly smaller issues that detract from your automobile’s overall appearance.  Paint correction addresses problems such as the dull haze or swirls left by substandard services and smaller imperfections in the paint, such as scratches.  Another option we offer is ceramic coating.  This involves applying a professional grade coat that bonds with your vehicle’s paint to form a protective barrier.  Once it’s applied, the paint is protected from scratch hazards, sunlight, acid rain, etc.  The paint won’t fade or look dull.  Further, we can do rustproofing.  This is a process of applying a special petroleum-based, non-solvent formula that helps stave off rust or slow progression where rust has started.  As the formula coats your car, it lifts and eliminates the moisture lurking in areas where corrosion can take hold.  Coulee Auto Detailing Center partners with Krown to obtain a high-quality, long lasting product.  Finally, we provide interior detailing.  This removes dirt, debris, and stains before they become permanent, ensuring your vehicle is fresh and health hazards-free.  Obtaining these professional services protects your vehicle and ensures that it holds maximum value over time.

Interior Detail

  • Vacuum – Carpets, Floor Mats, Upholstery, & Trunk
  • Shampoo – Carpets, Floor Mats, Upholstery, & Trunk
  • Clean & Shine – Dashes, Plastic, & Seals
  • Clean Headliner
  • Clean Door Jams
  • Leather Treatment
  • Clean Windows
  • Excessive Pet Hair, Mud (based on condition) – Add On

Full Detail

  • Exterior Hand Wash & Wax
    • Remove Bug and Tar
    • Clean Wheels, Tires, & Wells
    • Hand dry
    • Clean Exterior Glass
    • Clean & Shine – Plastic, Vinyl, & Seals
    • Tire shine
    • Apply Wax or Ceramic Polish
  • Vacuum Engine Compartment
  • All Other Items Included in Interior Detail

Making Your Experience Easier

The team at Coulee Auto Detailing Center believes keeping your vehicle clean and protected shouldn’t be difficult.  That’s why we offer customer conveniences to make your auto detailing experience run smoothly.  Many services can be performed with a quick turnaround time.  You’re welcome to wait onsite and take advantage of our free wifi.  However, it’s also fine to leave your automobile behind and move on with your daily routine while we do the work.  Ask about concierge service, after-hours drop-off/pick-up, complimentary local shuttle rides, and perhaps even a loaner car if we’ll have your car here awhile.  We can tell you when your auto is ready via text or email.  For extensive work, visit our Financing options page.  Keeping your transportation clean, fresh, and well protected from the elements has never been easier.