Air Conditioning Repair and Servicing in La Crosse, WI

Nothing feels better than getting into your car on a hot summer’s day and cranking up the air conditioning. On the other hand, nothing feels worse than sitting in a sweltering car, sweating and smothering because the air conditioning isn’t working! If the AC in your vehicle is acting up, you’re sure to notice, and you’ll want it fixed right away! Luckily, Coulee Auto is here to help you, with our professional service center, highly qualified technicians, and expert knowledge! We’re the service and repair shop in La Crosse County that you always know you can trust your vehicle to, so let us help you chill things out by getting your air conditioning back on track.

Air Conditioning Repair

Any number of seemingly minor issues in your vehicle can throw your air conditioning out of whack, from low fluid levels to misaligned fans. It’s easy for the system to be disturbed or disrupted, and during the cold winter months, it’s even easier for the problem to go unnoticed! Few things are more irritating than finding your vents blowing hot air or not blowing at all on the first warm day of spring. As soon as you notice that your AC is in need of repair, Coulee Auto is on the job! Our system checks will help us diagnose the problem and fix it right away.

Air Conditioning Servicing

For as much of a headache as it is to suddenly find that your AC isn’t working properly, it’s a problem that’s very preventable! All cars– new and old, big and small– need regular servicing over their lifespans to maintain their quality and function, and the air conditioning system is a part of this rule! Getting air conditioning services on your car, truck, SUV, van, or other vehicle periodically can stop problems from ever occurring in the first place, saving you time, money, and effort, and keeping you and your passengers comfortable on those hot days!

When to Get Your Car’s Air Conditioning Checked Out

So, how do you know when your car is in need of an air conditioning service or repair? Keep a lookout for these warning signs to let you know when something us up that the technicians at Coulee Auto should take a look at!

  • Your system is blowing warm or hot air when set to cool
  • Your airflow is weak even on high settings
  • There is an unusual smell coming from your vents
  • The system is not working or blowing any air at all

If you notice one of these problems, come see us today and our experienced service team will take care of the issue.

Air conditioning is one of those modern conveniences that you don’t really appreciate until it’s gone, so don’t force yourself to be stuck without it! Get your air conditioning system serviced or repaired at Coulee Auto in La Crosse, WI today. You can schedule an appointment with us online, or contact us for more information.

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